Screening is required for these sessions, please see details at the bottom of the page


Screening is required for these sessions, please see details at the bottom of the page


In person experience  

Do you crave connection and intimacy?

Do you need to release stress and anxiety? Do you have unmet sexual desires or do you feel disconnected from your turn on?

Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Do you have past sexual trauma that is ready to be healed?

Do you long to feel loved?

Are your chakras blocked or do you sense that you have a block to abundance to pleasure and to passion?

Do struggle with self love, with loving your body and feeling confident?

Are you stressed, anxious or always stuck in your mind worrying?

Do you have ED or struggle to get wet?

Are you in a sexless marriage or relationship?

Do you feel guilty, ashamed or embarrassed about sex, self pleasure or anything related to it?


Do you want to feel like yourself again?

Do you want to tap into something greater than you?

Do you want to move out of thinking so much and experience what it’s like to live, fully embodied in the love that you are?

Do you want to learn how to surrender control and let go?

Do you desire deep relaxation?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then Sensual Soul Healing CAn support you.

In my in person sessions, I blend multiple modalities to create a custom experience that supports your body, mind and soul. I weave together reiki, transformational facilitation, breath work, sensual somatic work, sound healing, crystal therapy along with intuitive tantric practices to help you experience multidimensional healing.

Orgasmic energy is Life Force Energy, not only is it blissful, expansive, and pleasureful on all levels, but when your orgasmic energy is awakened from a state of unconditional love it creates miracles in your body and your life.

I am here to serve whatever serves you in the highest. I use my energetic gifts to decode and reprogram your nervous system so that you can move from functioning from parasympathetic (fight or flight state) into the ultimate rest and relaxation. When your nervous system is relaxed and your body feels safe, orgasmic energy is free to flow.

When you awaken orgasmically you connect to your sexual energy from a new place. You create a new relationship to pleasure. My clients have healed gut disorders, ED, chronic stress, anxiety, sexual trauma, relationship challenges, abundance blocks and more. Orgasmic energy is miraculous.

My gift is in creating a space where you feel safe to be seen, held and totally free to be your authentic self. So that you can tap into your true source of power and feel empowered, blissful, high, naturally, and deeply connected to love .

As a Reiki Master, Transformational Facilitator, Sacred Sexuality guide, somatic healer and intuitive channel, I am skilled at providing a multi dimensional experience that transcends the physical, yet includes it and heals on every level .

My superpower is working with orgasmic energy and helping you to release anything no longer serving,’so you can open up to higher levels of love, bliss and ecstasy.

My one on one work is designed to support you into coming into higher consciousness, and moving from the mind into the orgasmic oneness of your heart.

Your sexual energy and relationship to it, holds the key to healing your body your mind and your life.

You deserve to feel free and empowered in your body, your sex life and deeply connected to your soul.

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What would it be like to feel loved unconditionally?

To make choices from Love?

What would it feel like to not need sex to feel loved but to consciously use sex to expand your love and your experience of the Divine?

What would it feel like to never feel disconnected from Love?

To be able to transform any relationship to transmute any emotional discomfort or to be able to free yourself from secret self sabotage self harm shame or guilt?

Can you imagine a life where everything comes from love?

This is available through orgasmic awakening.


I found the most pleasurable way possible to help you heal. I help you master your relationship to sexual energy. I help you turn onto Love and get turned on by love.

I am here to help empower you in love, so that sex can become another practice in self-love. It becomes a place where you anchor in the work we do together. I can’t think of a more pleasurable way to transform. And the beauty of this work is that it applies and helps every area of your life.

Living an Orgasmic life means letting go. It requires you to surrender and trust the unknown. To give yourself fully over to love, to trust energy and to let it come inside you and open you up to the truth.

The truth being that love was always here, it was always inside you, you have access to it anytime you choose.

When you awaken orgasmically you have an embodied experience that anchors into your cells. You can call on this experience anytime you need to remember. Anytime you get stuck in the mind and find yourself feeling disconnected. This is why I am so passionate about this work and why I intend that even just one session, one course, one experience be transformational and life changing.

To Schedule a Session please use tHE booking form below.

Screening and a deposit is required for all new clients. The fastest way to confirm a session with me is to provide me with your full name, cell phone number, your screening info and deposit. 

(my top preference is a screenshot of Linked In or Facebook profile).

I take my safety and your privacy extremely seriously. Keeping your information confidential and private is part of my job.¬†For High¬†Profile clients, I am happy to sign an NDA.¬†¬†‚Äč

 Screening Options: 

  1. Screenshot of Current & Active Linked In or Facebook profile (must have at least 100 connections/friends)

  2. Business Website that shows that you work there (photo & bio) or something comparable 

  3. Drivers License/Photo ID

  4. Picture of pay stub and/or email sent from work email address 

  5. Instagram/Twitter or other social media profiles that clearly have your photo and name  

The more information you provide, the faster and easier booking will be. 

A 50% deposit confirms your session. The deposit gets applied when you arrive and is refundable up to 48 hours prior to your session should you need to cancel. My assistant will send you a payment link after we have connected and confirmed a date and time. 

I take time to set up and create a sacred space for you, your deposit indicates that you are committed to showing up and we are aligned. Please read my full cancellation policy on my FAQs below.

When contacting me, please include your screening information and the time and day you prefer. I give priority to clients that are screened and book in advance.  


All sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes. That's the amount of time that's needed for the deep healing and transformation and integration. If you are interested in a session longer than two hours then please let us know and that can be arranged.

  • 90 minutes $1100¬†(50% deposit minimum: $550)
  • 2 hours $1800¬†(50% deposit minimum: $900)

50% is due in order to hold your appointment, the rest can be paid in cash or card at the beginning of the session. You can also pay the full amount upfront if that's more convenient for you.

Wondering what happens during these sessions? You are invited you to watch the docuseries that Aurelie was featured on - it can get you better acquainted with her magic. Click here to watch.

The segment features how sessions can look for both women and men. Enjoy! Please email [email protected] if you have any further questions.




I believe that pleasure is our birthright and that sexual energy is sacred. I feel honored to be the safe space where you  allow yourself to open to ecstasy of your soul. 

At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or what you do, it’s truly about how much love you are willing to let through. When you surrender fully to divinity, and surrender your identity, you get to be free. Free to be pleasure filled, passionate, radiant and blissfully happy.‚Äč

For me Tantra is about deep divine surrender. It is beyond the physical, yet it also includes it. Receiving pleasure in our bodies is an incredible gift that we get to experience as human beings.

When playing in sensuality with another being, you have the opportunity to expand into infinite consciousness, infinite love, infinite pleasure. This awareness changes the very nature of sexual energy. It becomes an opportunity to dance with the divine. Opening up pathways to know who you really are. To see and feel yourself as one with Source. To be in Source energy, giving and receiving in equal measure, not out of duty or obligation but out of the flow and the energy you both are present with. Letting each other be loved energetically, magnifies love everywhere.

When you can move beyond the Ego’s limitations, and definitions of what pleasure is, you open up to an infinite field of energy. Orgasm is no longer just a quick flash of bliss, but an unending, ever expanding, unfolding, river of beauty, expansion and love. There is no end and no beginning. This is oneness. This is Tantric Bliss.  

Each session with me is unique.

I tune into Source energy and allow my body to be a vessel for the energy that will be most healing for you. As a co creator wherever your intention goes, energy flows. When you can surrender so fully to allow orgasmic energy to flow through your body, you awaken the the Universe that has always been within you. This is the possibility I hold for you. This is the Love

I am here to be for you. 



I envision a world where everyone is empowered and balanced in their sexuality. Where everyone feels free to be who they came here to be. Where every being is sovereign and no longer “needs” anything for everyone knows that love is everything. I see a world where women and girls feel safe to be sexy. Where there is gender equality. Where every being grows up loving their body and themselves unconditionally.

Where there is no abuse or misuse and sexuality is regarded as sacred and a communion with the Divine. Where ritual is created and expression is celebrated. Where letting go is normal and control obsolete. 

Where love reigns and we all remember and know who we are. That we are not separate, we are not alone and the struggle is not real. Love is the new reality that we all know. Life feels like a dream, a fun, adventure of the unknown. An energetic experience of wonder and awe, and orgasmic flow. All of us dancing and playing and celebrating Source's cosmic glow.