Welcome, I'm Aurelie ♥

I'm a sensual alchemist, orgasmic oracle, master energy healer, dancer, intuitive 
channel and transformational facilitator. I use my healing gifts to help people to awaken to the bliss of their being. I have over a decade of experience in movement, personal development & spiritual growth, and I'm an expert in bringing the body and mind in alignment with the soul. I'm deeply passionate about sacred sexuality and using the power of orgasmic energy as a portal to access other worldly states. 

I believe that true bliss goes beyond the physical and comes from aligning fully with love.

Get to know me

Since I was little I always knew I could heal with my hands. My parents raised me with this awareness.

Anytime we hurt ourselves, the first thing they would do is hover their hand over the pain and I would feel this heat penetrating me.

My parents called this energy “light”, some people know it as Reiki, others call it Chi/Qi but whatever you call it, it’s all the same. It’s consciously channeled life force energy.

The potency of it shifts based on the Being channeling it (how attuned, clear, in love, out of the Ego they are) and the Being receiving it (how open, ready, willing they are). But we all have this healing capability. 

May all human beings awaken to the orgasmic essence of life force energy.

May all beings love themselves unconditionally and embody this love in everything they do, speak, create and be.

May all beings live in conscious connection and communion with sexual energy.

May all beings feel free to be themselves and feel loved, valued, seen, honored, and cherished.

May all beings contribute to the wholeness, abundance and bliss and may all beings live in Heaven on Earth.   

I had a few severe accidents and all of them healed rapidly because of the light my parents gave me. I continued using this tool throughout my life. I mostly just did it on myself and for family, friends and animals.

Then in 2009 I was going through a rough time, not knowing why I came to this planet and what I was supposed to do with my life, I took a break and went to the Bahamas to swim with wild dolphins. There I met some amazing beings one who was a Reiki master and reminded me of natural gifts.

Then, while doing Quantum Light breathwork I had a transformational experience and experienced light pouring out of my hands and creating this infinite sphere of light. 

Later back at home in LA, after my meditation practice, I did this breathwork again and as the light poured out of my hands, I hovered them over my body. I started vibrating and all of this bliss and ecstasy flooded my body, the energy surged and kept coming, it was wave after of wave of pleasure.

When the energy settled, I felt my heart open in pure love, pure bliss and I realized that I had just had my first energy orgasm.

Despite that powerful experience, I still didn’t make the connection that orgasmic energy work was my purpose. Apparently, the human part of me needed to go through a bunch of other challenges before finally surrendering to what I had been so clearly shown at 25.

It wasn’t until 2014 when I was struggling with my health that I decided maybe I should do something with my gift of energy healing. I also realized that in order to get better I had to just decide to be better and that the best healer for the body was me.

I decided to learn more about energy healing and became a Reiki Master. I also traveled to Bali and became certified as Kundalini Dance Facilitator. Inspired by what I learned, I started teaching an embodiment class helping people to move energy through the chakras using dance, breath and music. 

Your pleasure, the way you show up around sex, and your sexual ecstasy will show you where you play small and it will show you what’s possible.

Every time you orgasm you have an invitation to go deeper, to surrender more into infinite bliss, into the unknown.


The unknown is where ecstasy resides.

Although, I had gone to life coaching school when I was 21, it wasn’t until I met my spiritual mentor that I actually started being able to facilitate myself and embody more love. Inner child work and consciously choosing were two big pieces I was missing in being completely free and the suppressed emotional energy I had been holding in my body needed to released so that I could feel safe to embody bliss on a consistent basis. 

These practices combined with meditation, energy healing, sound/music, sensual movement, and conscious pleasure all supported me to open my body to greater states of love. The more I released, the more I space I felt open inside of me and my true self was revealed.

I combined all of this embodied and etheric work with consciously choosing and this is what transformed my life. This is what healed my challenges with money, my relationship to my body, it helped me release toxic patterns and addictions and led me to my soul purpose. I am deeply passionate about this work, because I know it works. 

Following the transformational work with my mentor, I began falling into deeper states of oneness in my meditations. And as a result my body would orgasm.

It seemed the deeper I fell in love with myself, the more orgasmic energy would run through me. This then transformed into all sorts of orgasmic energy experiences and showed me how pleasure is a powerful path to love. And love is a powerful path to pleasure.

Whichever way you go first, it all leads to an embodied experience of Source.


  • Reiki Master 
  • Life Transformed Advanced Coach
  • Coach for Life Certified Coach
  • Kundalini Dance Facilitator 

Additional studies/trainings:

  • USM Spiritual Psychology Master’s Program 
  • LoveLeader Mastermind with Kamala Devi
  • Vedic Meditation
  • QiGong

Your orgasmic frequency is your greatest currency.



Sex is so much more than a physical act. Your sexual energy is connecting you into the Love you are. I will help you cultivate that Love. 

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