8 Days of Orgasmic Manifestation to call in your dream life and Heaven on Earth


It’s no accident joy and bliss are high frequency states to embody.

Orgasm is life force energy, so consciously co-creating with it amplifies whatever you are desiring to manifest with ease & joy and in unexpected, fun ways. 


Each day you will focus activation on one chakra and select one thing you want to manifest that corresponds with that chakra. You also have the option to focus on one thing you desire the entire 8 days.


Why 8 days? Besides 8 being my favorite number in the Universe, 8 is the number of the infinite...


"The number eight in numerology is a number of power and success. The vibrations of “8” indicate that you will be able to create a state where everything flows smoothly for you when it comes to love. There is also no negative or opposite energy associated with the vibration of 8.” (-Sarah Scoop)


In 8 days your life could be different. In 8 days you will be planting the energetic seeds of abundance, bliss, magic and bringing your hearts desires into physicality. Let’s embody the miracle frequency together. 


If you have tried manifesting techniques but nothing really worked or you think you are just not a good manifestor,
I invite you to come into my Universe where manifestation is easy, powerful, fun, blissful and magical. 

Embodiment of energy is the key ingredient and my favorite ways to access high states of euphoria and ecstasy are through intentionally channeling orgasmic energy. 


When my Angels guided me to create this class they showed me the energetic impact of people consciously connecting to pleasure and the powerful healing vortex of orgasmic energy it creates. 

In addition to guiding you to focus on your personal dreams, each class session highlights one area of the planet to focus on during the activations so that not only will your individual dreams manifest with greater ease, but you can use your life force energy for the health and healing of the planet.  

Envision seeing the Amazon lush and full, seeing the ocean clean, the animals abundant and free. This is activism on a whole new level. 


Quantum change begins with quantum energy. 


8 guided classes of quantum coming together. 


I’m beyond excited for you to play with this. I know this method works because I used this same technique to manifest $18,000 in a week and half. I also manifested moving to my soul’s home in Kauai and moving into an 8 million dollar house within 3 weeks! 

I'm in!!!



Manifest miracles…orgasmically

8 day intensive course to manifest through the power of pleasure

8 pre-recorded guided sessions with Aurelie

$333 USD

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