Quantum Physics shows us that EVERYTHING is made of energy, which means that applies to you too. YOU are made of energy. YOU are made of everything the entire world is made of.


When your body feels a certain way, do you ask it what it is trying to communicate to you? Or do you label it, define it or create a fixed perspective around it? Do you think “this is the way it is?” and then stay stuck in the energy that you’ve defined and locked yourself into? Or do you notice energy with wonder, curiosity and openness?


What if all it took for energy to change was you choosing a new perspective, moment by moment.


What is your body asking for you to be that you won’t listen to?


What fixed perspective do you have that won’t allow this to change?


Would you be willing to start being with the energy of your body in a whole new way?


This requires you to ask questions and listen.


What if what you thought were your thoughts were not actually your thoughts?
What if “thoughts” were just energies you are aware of? You as an infinite being are picking up on everything around you. You are not your awareness, you are your conscious choice.


When you notice something in your body, ask:


Is this mine?
Is this Someone else’s?
Is this Something else’s?


Be willing to pause and allow the Beingness of you to answer. It will be immediate. Don’t go into the mind to try to understand it or make sense of it. The Why doesn’t matter, trying to understand it will only keep you stuck in the energy. Be willing to know to what you know.


If the energy is/feels Light that is a signal that this true for you.
If something feels heavy/dense/contracted that’s telling you that something is not true for you.


When asking questions, the answers that are True for you will feel Light. Trust that.


If it’s “Yours” ask the body what would it take for us to change this or have a different
experience? What would be fun and joyful for you right now?

If it’s “Someone Else’s” say “return to sender with consciousness attached”


If it’s “Something Else’s” that is the energy of the Earth you are aware of. Ask the Earth what energy can I be for you right now? Gratitude? Love? Bliss? How can I support and love you?


Although you will know the truth on some level, depending on how long you have been practicing this, it may seem like the answers may not come right away. Your only job is to be willing to stay in the question.Be willing to be in the unknown, the space in between. Know that just by asking the question, the answer is on its way. If this is uncomfortable, ask yourself what would it take for this to feel comfortable? What would need to happen for me to be fully relaxed in spaciousness? How easy can this be? And my favorite question to ask anytime, in any moment: Can it get any better than this?

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