It’s time that we as a collective end the sexual shame.


This suppression of our sexual expression, in its purest form, is in essence a denial of our true selves. Our true selves are everything, every energy, every flavor, every essence. You cannot expect to attain oneness without embracing, allowing and celebrating your sexual soul.


So what does this mean, what does what I am talking about actually translate to and look like in real life?


Sexuality can act like an anchor, rooting you, grounding you and bringing you back to center when you drift off.


The key to utilizing sexuality beyond just the biological desires, is to bring complete awareness, complete presence and purpose into every sexual experience.


Take inventory of your sex life. How empowered are you in it? Do you have automatic patterns and habits that show up in the type of partners you attract? Do you have a “go to” method for cumming? Is your intention to just get off? Pay attention, how you engage and relate to this part of you affects every area of your life.


Are you afraid of your sexual desires? Do you feel like you are too much? Too sexual?


While Sex may be what it sounds like I am teaching you about, I am here to give you a Masters in energy.


Learning how to fully embody and harness your sexual energy is =your path to getting free. It’s time to embrace your sensual divinity.



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