Are you truly sovereign when it comes to your connection to your sexuality? Or do you always need someone or something outside of you to help you get turned on and tuned in?
Do you feel fully embodied when you self pleasure, or are you in the mind fantasizing or looking at porn or pictures to turn you on? Do you always require something outside of you to stimulate you?


Do you masturbate too much or not at all? Too much can be you running from allowing yourself to feel life force energy fully, the urge or need to “get off”, “rub one out” or the urgent feeling of being “horny” are all indicators that you are uncomfortable feeling the depth of source energy running throughout your body. If you are not in conscious choice around your pleasure, you are asleep. You are still not fully empowered and the automatic Ego has you. You could be extremely successful, have everything you dreamed of, but if you cycle through women, jumping from one hook up to the next (just because your looks, status, money, fame, let’s you “get away” with it), you are in a simulated and surface level experience of sex. It will never be enough, you will need more women, more orgasms, and more stimulation to maintain a sense of pleasure. You will use the Ego to disguise the truth, which is that you don’t fully know love. You don’t fully understand the purpose of pleasure and you have forgotten who you really are. For those that have a sense they have an unhealthy relationship to sex and know there is something greater, something more, this work is here to support you. To be a space so loving, so kind, so welcoming, that you can be fully yourself.


If you came to this planet to make an impact and have done so through your businesses, foundations, sitting on boards, philanthropy and family but have yet to heal your relationship to sex and sexual energy, you are not making as big of an impact as you think. When you balance and align with the Divine in sex, it has an energetic ripple effect that touches the entire planet. Your orgasmic energy when harnessed consciously is potent and powerful, it is life force energy itself and it will change the world. This is selfless sexuality.


Each sexual encounter that is not honoring of yourself or the people you engage with is slowing eroding your sense of true sovereignty. There will come a point when your soul will ask you to stop. This may come in a small way or a big way (from not being able to stay hard, to not being able to get hard or wet, to illness or disease, to business deals no longer working out, your finances changing, or to you simply starting to feel anxious or depressed out of nowhere, the energetic affect of unconscious sex goes beyond your sex life).


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