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 What if I tried just loving myself entirely? 


My body and learning how to love the body and myself despite external conditions or reflections giving my Ego reasons not to, has been one of the Soul journey’s I signed up for. Not surprisingly, my work involves the body. 


Holding unconditionally loving space for other people’s bodies is so effortlessly easy, I feel incapable of judging their body, all I see no matter what appears before me is the soul and true essence of each of my client’s. Seeing their Divinity and beauty is natural to me. Yet, when it has come to my own body, I have had to work consistently to choose love, to choose to not judge it, to choose to stay expansive with it even when dealing with inflammation and things that felt less than sexy. Today during my workout, I realized I had spent about 50% of the time focused on what I still didn’t like about my body…I became aware of all the workouts I do and how many of them were spent the same way (50% judgement, 50% total presence and not thinking good or bad thought about it but focused on my breath and the muscles I was engaging) 


I know that judgement does not work, if it did, I would be having a different experience within the body. Just like I know picking my skin when I have a zit doesn’t work to heal my skin. Focusing on the blemish just creates hyper focus on what my Ego perceives as something being wrong. Something needs to be fixed, so if I judge it as wrong then I can fix it. 


But what if there was no problem to begin with?
What if there was nothing to fix? What if there was nothing wrong with me? 
Just as there is nothing right about me, there is just me, an embodied expression of Divinity. 


Can you imagine the state of humanity if Divinity judged us? 
If Source itself saw us as wrong or in need of fixing? We’d all be fucked…lol 
Thank God the only thing can judge is the Ego, the automatic mind. Thank God we are loved unconditionally regardless of what we think. 


When it comes to the body, we think that health is just about food and exercise and while those play a part there are so many factors, so many unseen elements at play, from minimizing stress, getting sunshine, drinking water, getting enough sleep, enjoying your life, meditating, being in nature, getting off of technology, playing and the list of ways to be healthy could go on and on….but what if it was much simpler than that, what if out of all the things you consistently did, you committed to self love? That the number one thing you could do for the health of your body was to love it, unconditionally. 


When you love something, it becomes very hard to intentionally harm it. When you are devoted to loving yourself as Source does, there is nothing to fix, there is no need to punish, push or force anything. Love does the heavy lifting. Love leads you down the healthiest path. Love leads you in a way that feels fun, light, natural and easy. 


So as I walked out of my home dance/workout studio and felt my bare feet in the grass, the sun on my sweaty skin, I wondered out loud, what if I just decided to love myself during my entire workout from now on.  Love everything about my body as I watch it and feel it move. Love no matter what. Become incapable of self judgment. View myself through the eyes of Source, feel my body the way I feel energy. 


When I am meditating or dancing, laying out naked in the sun, walking on the beach or even preparing a meal (most of the time naked), I am in love. My workouts were the one place I noticed where I sometimes move out of alignment. As the planet rises in consciousness, we are being asked to pay attention to everything. To see where we alter our frequency and give power to the automatic Ego. There is no room for this anymore. Everything that is not love must go. Every self judgment or criticism has no place on the new Earth. So I choose to let this go now. 


I choose to commit to making love to myself when I workout. To seducing myself and basking in my beauty as I sweat, to feeling all of love moving through me in each rep and each step. Just as I do when I go for a run in nature or dance with the trees.


And if the Ego is resisting or I’m having a hard time choosing body love that day, then I commit to choosing gratitude. Gratitude for my body moving, my muscles carrying me and this vessel that provides a temporary home for my soul. Thank you body for this loving reminder to align with love in every moment, not just the easy ones, but all the moments I am present on Earth. Living in Love and as Love is the actual true embodiment of my dreams. 


Action is not how I prove I love my body. I love myself and my body first and love inspires the actions. It’s always love first.

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