A Whole New Paradigm of Pleasure

Align with the Divine, Embody the energy of Love, and of course, have a better, more expanded sex life.

It’s time to reconnect to your sexual sovereignty and become an

Ascended Sex Master.

Our orgasmic energy is our connection to source and spirit.


You may not realize it, but the areas of your life where you feel a disconnect - whether it's in your relationships, your bank account, or your overall health & wellness - are all deeply related to this energy.


When you heal your relationship to your sexual energy and claim your sovereignty, you’ll be empowered in every other area of your life.

You might be looking outside of yourself for orgasm, pleasure, and acceptance. We all have. But your pleasure is not dependent on anyone else. Your pleasure is your choice.

From this sovereign state, you can have anything you choose.

You might be acting automatically from your unconscious, especially when it comes to sex. You’re doing things sexually that you didn’t even think of - because they’re from the collective.

You’re having sex from ideas about pleasure - when you could be having sex from the full embodiment of the frequency of pleasure. 

You might be feeling shame or guilt around sex because of the way our society imprints these feelings onto us. If you’re acting from the unconscious, you’ve likely taken on these limited ideas and beliefs, and it’s reflected in your sex life. The crazy thing is, you didn’t choose it. It just happened. Until now.

You're ready for more, because you found me. People do not find me until they’re ready.

Forget everything you think you know about what sex is and what sex isn’t.

Release all past experiences and future fantasies, so that you can be in the newness of now: which is where the infinite orgasmic experience lives! This includes the physical, but it’s not about the physical.

Cumming Consciously Elevates the world’s Frequency

When we cum consciously, we come home to God.

If you are not cumming consciously you are missing out on a cosmic experience.

ASM gives you the foundational tools to set the stage to create ecstasy in your partnered or personal pleasure practice. Pleasure is such a powerful portal into love and by using it consciously you elevate your individual frequency and the collective energy too. 

Did you know that you can heal yourself, the planet and the collective, through pleasure? 

In order to do this we must expand our ability to experience expanded states of bliss. You will have to be willing to let go of shame, guilt, judgment, self abuse and anything that does not resemble self love. 

There are many perspectives on sex and especially on orgasm. 

There is the perspective that God created orgasm as a way to keep us procreating. That by making sex pleasurable that the species would continue to survive. While that may be true, I’m here to teach you about orgasm beyond just the physical. 

Whether you are aware of this or not, Orgasm is an opening into Source. It IS Source. The embodiment of Source fully dissolves you into Oneness with all that is. From this space, everything is possible and anything can be, and we as Light Beings get to co-create a new reality. Orgasmic energy is life force energy and is the miracle frequency. 

Why have a regular old orgasm when you could be having cosmic ones?

What would it be like if you began to have a deeper, more intimate relationship to energy? 


When you're in the mind it's going to limit your pleasure. When you are not in the mind and you are in the divine, you'll have limitless pleasure.

  • When you give yourself permission to tap into cosmic awareness, it will guide and lead you to the most orgasmic experience possible.
  • ASM is an invitation to heal your sexual sovereignty because you doing that contributes to the collective healing of the planet and contributes to a new paradigm on this planet: embodied in bliss, awakened in orgasmic ecstasy. 
  • Picture yourself like this: Joyful, light, happy, creative, fully expressed, trusting, and FULLY loving yourself.



~ Sensual Self Care ~

Incorporating these fundamental self-honoring practices sets you up to have magical sex and a magical life. Learn how to connect the pleasure from your genitals into your heart. This module is designed to open your heart and fall deeply into an embodied experience of empowered love.

Bonus: Your Cum is Cosmic


~ Lead with Love ~

Your self love sets the energetic frequency for magic and miracles. Learn the tools to strengthen your self love muscle by microdosing on self love daily. This module will help you beyond the idea of self love and will teach you practical ways to embody true self love.

Bonus: Magical Morning Practice


~ Inner Intimacy and Inner Healing ~

As you go down the ascended path of awakening orgasmically, everything that is not orgasmic can come up to leave. This module walks you through the exact process I have use to heal core patterns and rewrite the cellular memories we store in our body back into love.

Bonus: Muscle Testing Mastery


~ Body Bliss ~

Stop having sex from the mind and learn how to use the body to access your higher self. Learn how to set the space for your total freedom during pleasure so you can be uninhibited, wild and free. Learn my technique for deep body listening and get to know how your body communicates to you by learning to decode its subtle energetic language. 

Bonus: Pussy & Cock Whispering


~ Energetic Turn On ~

What would it be like if you never needed anything outside of you to turn you on? What if you could release all need for external stimulation to connect you to pleasure? This module is designed to help you learn how to open up to energy orgasms. I’m so excited to share all the ways you can start playing with energy to expand your pleasure and bliss! This module is one of my favorites!!

Bonus: Hands Free Orgasm Hypnosis


~ Be the Space of Grace ~

Aka: get freaky with energy. This is where it starts to get really fun! (It’s all fun, but this is where I share some of my unusual stories, spiritual tools and personal techniques to enhance your pleasure and ecstasy). When you harness your ability to play with energy and start to work with your spiritual support team, cosmic cumming and energy orgasms are easy. 

Bonus: Dripping Starlight Activation & Breathwork Journey


What would your life be like if you devoted three months to your relationship to self love, to honoring yourself and your body? 

What would change most about your life if you had a conscious connection to pleasure? 

What would your relationship and your dating life look like if you were living in unconditional self love? 

What does having the orgasmic life of your dreams look like?



  • 6 incredible modules, dripped out over 12 weeks.
  • 3 Live Group Activations (1 per month)
  • 3 Live Group Q&As (1 per month) - submit your questions if you are unable to attend live. On the call, you'll have the opportunity to receive 1:1 hot seat coaching from me!
  • Unlimited replays + future updates + lifetime access to this program.
  • Module 1 Bonus: Your Cum is Cosmic
  • Module 2 Bonus: Magical Morning Practice
  • Module 3 Bonus: Muscle Testing Mastery
  • Module 4 Bonus: Pussy & Cock Whispering 
  • Module 5 Bonus: Hands Free Orgasm Hypnosis
  • Module 6 Bonus: Dripping Starlight Activation & Breathwork Journey
  • Homeplay, epic Spotify playlists, and journal prompts for each module.

I’m sharing everything I did to help my body open up to allow orgasmic energy in without blocking it or shutting it off. The physical exercises combined with the spiritual tools and practices I channeled are what make up Ascended Sex Mastery.

Just like tantric soulful lovemaking and true transformation, creating a conscious connection to pleasure can take time. It’s something built, cultivated and co-created through consistently choosing, clearing energetic blocks, and opening to the new and the now. 

There are layers of energy to expand into and it's ever evolving and ever-changing, which is why no matter where you are - this work applies to you. 

Ascended Sex is not something that comes from your mind. It comes from an embodiment of love. It comes from you being fully yourself and fearlessly being who you came here to be. 

I created Ascended Sex Mastery to take you deeper. To guide you and support you over the course of three months. So that just like soul expanding sex, there’s no rushing to the end result. There is the space and the allowance for the lingering, for being present and receiving energy and for integration so that you can anchor the teachings into your body. 


~ Registration is currently closed until September 2023 ~


Ascended Sex Mastery is an energetic embodiment course. 

You can’t fake it. If you want to truly transform you have to be willing to show up for yourself.

Your mind might not like this idea. Your mind might think three months is too long. “I want it faster.” “I want it sooner.” “I want it now.” “I want a quick fix.” 

If that is you, then this course is perfect for you because it will help you to rewire that need for instant gratification. 

The illusion of instant satisfaction keeps you in a limited sexual experience. It creates an energetic current of pressure and pressure is not sexy. True sexual satisfaction doesn’t come from just a physical release, or a new technique or position that you learn , it comes from a connection to the Orgasmic energy in all things within and beyond the physical experience.

THere IS power in embracing your true orgasmic nature.

My purpose on this planet is to help people feel free to embody all of their energies, including sexual energy, in whatever way feels right for them. 

I believe that when we embrace and integrate all of our energies, we can have a beautiful and blissful life and soul expanding sex.

My gift is in tying together these experiences and helping people learn how to have energetic experiences in the bedroom and beyond. 

By applying these practices to your everyday life, you can enhance your connection with yourselves and others.

My teachings are about helping people be with this energy without tying their ego into it. When we learn to be with sexual energy without judgment or resistance, we open ourselves up to a whole new level of pleasure and fulfillment.

So, I invite you to explore your true orgasmic nature and discover how embodying, embracing and consciously connecting to energy, both in and outside the bedroom, can change your life.

If you’re feeling the pull - listen.

If your body feels expansive and you are getting turned on at the idea of cosmic sex and infinite orgasms, let the energy guide you. 

I’ll see you inside.


I'm Aurelie

I’m a sensual alchemist, orgasmic oracle, master energy healer, dancer, intuitive channel and transformational facilitator. I use healing gifts to help people to awaken to the bliss of their being. With over a decade of experience in movement, personal development & spiritual growth, my expertise is in bringing the body and mind in alignment with the soul.

I'm passionate about sacred sexuality and using the power of orgasmic energy as a portal to access other worldly states, and I believe that true bliss goes beyond the physical and comes from aligning fully with love.


If there's anything I can help everyone know & feel - is that they're loved. That is my greatest wish for humanity.